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Slovenia remains active in implementation of the UNSCR 1325

Statement by Ambassador Barbara Žvokelj, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the International Organizations in Vienna, at the 958th Meeting of the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation, on the occasion of the Security Dialogue on UNSCR 1325: “20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 – implementation in the OSCE area and the way ahead”
Vienna, 21 October 2020

Madam Chairperson, dear delegates,

At the outset, let me join others in commending the panellists for their valuable presentations and their contribution to the discussion. I would also like to express my gratitude to the German FSC Chairpersonship for devoting this Security Dialogue to the monumental adoption of the UNSC resolution 1325. Slovenia aligns itself with the statement delivered on behalf of the European Union and would like to add some elements from national perspective.

The 20th anniversary of UNSC resolution 1325 provides a timely occasion for us to take stock of achievements and shortcomings in its implementation on a national, regional, and international level. It also represents an opportunity to recommit to its implementation which is a crucial part of ensuring peace and stability in the OSCE region and beyond.

In this vein, allow me to present the latest developments in Slovenia on the path of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. We are currently concluding implementation of our second National Action Plan on the UNSCR 1325. To ensure the broad and comprehensive application of its provisions, work of several ministries, including Ministry of Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs is included. Regular meetings at different levels among relevant ministries and civil society strengthen ownership and monitoring.

The latest addition to the concrete steps towards implementation of the 1325 Agenda is the "Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre", that was established this year. Founders are the abovementioned Ministries, while implementation of activities primarily lies with the Slovenian governmental organization "Centre for European Perspectives" that is inter alia engaged in areas of security, democratization and youth. In doing this it will be organizing various certified trainings and education for military, police and civilian personnel of the ministries and other experts that can be deployed to peacekeeping operations and missions within the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE. The focus of the trainings and activities will be on multicultural environment, protection of human rights, cooperation with local personnel, training of trainer’s skills, as well as techniques and skills for work in a hostile environment.

The first training of the Centre is planned for this November. In light of the 20th anniversary of the resolution 1325 and the 25th anniversary of Beijing Declaration, the topic of the training will be on the importance of gender mainstreaming in the work of the peacekeeping operations and missions. The growing number of certified experts will help ensure that Slovenian personnel, deployed to the international peacekeeping and civilian missions is well equipped to comprehensively perform their duties, including by applying a gender lens to their everyday work.
In conclusion, Madam Chair,

Let me again reiterate that Slovenia remains committed to the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 and with it to ensuring that women are a part of peace processes in all roles and at all levels. Only this way, we can ensure the success and a safe future for all of us.

We kindly ask the statement to be attached to the Journal of the day.

Thank you.